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We can help individual players, partners/teams or your club members determine their skill level so that they are playing at the correct skill level at tournaments, in leagues and at open plays. 

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DUPR Ratings Clinics

For players that do not currently have a DUPR rating or that wish to solidify their DUPR rating, we offer DUPR ratings clinics every Friday and Sunday evening. Check the calendar on our TeamReach group page for upcoming DUPR ratings clinics. Please join our TeamReach group (download the app to your iPhone or Android). Once you have the app installed, use code PBJ to join the group. Click on the calendar to view the available DUPR ratings clinics. 

Player Ratings

As the popularity of pickleball has grown, we've seen a surge of attendance at public and private club open plays. The biggest dilemma for players is figuring out their skill level so that they are paddled up for the skill level that best reflects their current skill set. Using the USA Pickleball Player Skill Ratings Definitions, we can rate individuals and eliminate the guessing and the drama. Contact us to learn more.   

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