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Whether you want to learn to play or improve your game, we have a class to match your skill level and goals!



If you want to improve your pickleball game, you have to drill, drill, drill! Your goal with drills is improve your muscle memory as you repeat the same stroke or small set of strokes. Drills are offered in the mornings & evenings. Check the calendar on my TeamReach group page to sign up for a drills class. Drills are for players of all skill levels.


We periodically offer beginner, advanced beginner and intermediate clinics for players that want to learn the game or take their game to the next level. This is a group class of 8 people. Check the calendar on my TeamReach group page for upcoming clinics.


Download the TeamReach app on the Apple Store or on Google Play and join my group using code "PBJ" for a list of current drills, clinics and events currently offered throughout Chicago. If you don't see a drills or clinic session listed in your area, please email me to discuss setting something up!

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