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Johnny McKerr's passion for sports started when he was young. He grew up playing soccer, tennis, baseball, football, golf and hockey. He was a collegiate soccer player and has always appreciated the discipline it takes to play a sport well. Johnny discovered pickleball 4 years ago and immediately fell in love with the game, because it embodies so many of the values that are important to him: building long lasting relationships, practicing a healthy lifestyle that allows you to live your best life, pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone so that you're constantly challenging yourself to be better and to always have FUN. 

Johnny decided to switch careers and become a full time pickleball coach after he had a heart attack in January, 2021. He had an epiphany that continuing in his high stress financial services role was financially rewarding, but not what he wanted to do for the rest of his work life. 

Johnny's mission is sharing his love of pickleball with others by helping them to learn the game and improve their skills and techniques so that they can join him as ambassadors for America's fastest growing sport...pickleball truly is a sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels.

Johnny is a PPR Certified Professional Coach.

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"Johnny was the ideal coach for me - he was professional, patient and incredibly perceptive about my strengths and weaknesses. Working with Johnny has improved my game and raised my level of play. I feel more confident and capable when I step onto the court!" ~Vera

Johnny competes at the 4.5 level and is  a PPR Certified Professional Coach. Johnny has played with pickleball pros Riley Newman and Kyle Yates.

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Pickleball Johnny is an ambassador for

Engage Sporting

From day 1, Pickleball Johnny has played with an Engage pickleball paddle. Pickleball Johnny has demo Engage paddles for students to try before they buy and can help you select the best paddle for your game based on your style of play. Email us to receive a discount code to shop Engage paddles and accessories at a discount!

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